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Uniting a trio of deluxe-size facial products, the BeautyLab® Skin Workout For Men – suitable for all skin types – has been meticulously designed with powerhouse amino acids, strengthening platinum and therapeutic essential oils. With the focus on conditioning, invigorating and age-defending the skin, it reveals exceptional results, every time.


BeautyLab® Deep Cleanse Face Wash 30ml

Give skin a thorough, revitalising cleanse with this hardworking wash that protects the face without leaving it feeling dry or tight. Having natural antiseptic properties, it lifts impurities, removes excess oil and decongests pores to help minimise their appearance. Leaves the skin fresh, clear and healthier looking.

Main Actives: Cedarwood • Sandalwood


BeautyLab® Essential Protein Serum 15ml

Improve skin firmness and tone with this supercharged, fast-absorbing serum. Starring nutrient-rich ingredients, its penetrating action delivers sustained hydration and helps to adjust humidity levels on the skin – making it ideal for all climates or environments, such as during high-activity sports. Leaves the skin smooth, energised and bright; perfectly prepped for moisturisation.

Main Actives: Wheat Amino Acids • Platinum


BeautyLab® Amino Acid Conditioning Face Cream 15ml

Keep skin hydrated, youthful and resilient with this high-performance, age-defending cream. Light and non-greasy, it provides nutrition to the cells and delivers a continuous moisturising effect for ultimate protection whatever the climate or environment – perfect for all year round application. Leaves the skin firm, smooth and bright, with a healthy looking finish.

Main Actives: Amino Acids • Platinum • Antioxidants

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Uniting a trio of deluxe-size facial products, the BeautyLab®Amber Infusion Skincare Set – suitable for all skin types – has been meticulously designed with luxurious, precious gemstones and skin-loving minerals. With the focus on achieving a vital, radiant and younger looking – yet totally indulged – complexion, it delivers beautiful results, every time.

BeautyLab® Crystals & Minerals Liquid Serum 15ml

Recharge skin’s vitality and radiance with this indulgent yet intelligent, nourishing serum concentrate. Containing precious gemstones and oils, combined with replenishing minerals, it helps to increase skin density and elasticity while improving its texture and glow. Soothing antioxidants help to maintain skin youth. The complexion is left firm, healthier looking and vibrant.

Main Actives: Amber Resin Oil • Gold • Silver • Copper • Amethyst • Sapphire • Topaz • Jade • Mineral Complex

BeautyLab® Mineral Hydrating Complex 15ml

Boost skin’s elasticity, firmness and radiance with this luxurious, replenishing complex. A blend of bio-available minerals increases skin density, boosts cellular productivity and enhances texture and brightness. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe, as its high antioxidant content protects against damaging pollution, helping to keep skin looking younger. The complexion is left revitalised, soft and glowing.

Main Actives: Amber Resin Oil • Zinc • Iron • Silicon • Copper • Magnesium

BeautyLab® Amber Facial Oil 15ml

Unveil luminous skin lustre and nourish the senses with this lavishly formulated blend. Nurturing oils of warming amber, grounding frankincense, calming sandalwood and rose (the ‘queen of flowers’) beautifully come together to relax and uplift the mind. Meanwhile, youth-preserving skin oils – rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants – deliver superior water-locking moisturisation, to deeply replenish, soften and soothe the complexion.

Main Actives: Amber Resin Oil • Rosehip Seed Oil • Hemp Seed Oil • Marula Oil • Babassu Oil • Baobab Oil • Cherry Kernel Oil • Rose Oil • Frankincense Oil • Sandalwood Oil

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Uniting a duo of deluxe-size night-time products, the BeautyLab® Sleep Time Duo Skin & Senses Set – suitable for all skin types – has been meticulously designed with precious oils and nourishing extracts. With the focus on repairing and protecting the complexion, while providing a tranquil mind space, it delivers the ultimate stress-free bedtime routine, every time.


BeautyLab® Cell Revitalising Night Cream 30ml

Transform skin with this ultra-restorative overnight cream. Supporting the nocturnal regenerative process, it protects skin’s protein structures – collagen and elastin – and helps to reduce glycotoxins, balance melatonin and optimise night-time repair. It visibly reduces signs of skin fatigue, boosts elasticity and improves firmness – leaving the complexion refreshed, replenished and plump.

Main Actives: Persian Silk Tree • Avocado Oil • Gingko Biloba • Green Tea Leaf


BeautyLab® Wild Indigo Slumber Pillow Spray 15ml

Put the day to bed and ease into blissful tranquillity with this comforting pillow mist. Stress-relieving indigo imparts a veil of calmness, while notes of resinous, woody and floral oils help to soothe away anxiety, promote a state of relaxation and encourage restful, restorative sleep. By morning, the mind is refreshed and revitalised, and ready to face the challenges ahead.

Main Actives: Wild Indigo • Frankincense • Cedarwood • Vetiver • Lavender

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Uniting a trio of deluxe-size facial products, the BeautyLab® Crystal Radiance Skincare Set has been meticulously designed with plant extracts, vitamins and award-winning peptides. With the focus on achieving a crystal-clear, soft, supple and protected complexion – particularly ideal for urban, dull, tired or uneven skin – it delivers beautiful results, every time.


BeautyLab® Glow Giving Serum 15ml

Optimise skin softness and luminosity with this lightweight yet potent serum concentrate. Supercharging the daily beauty ritual, it increases moisturisation, encourages texture evenness and reveals a sparkling glow from within. Delivering potent antioxidant protection, it helps to maintain skin integrity. The complexion is left nourished, smooth and more uniform, with a crystal-clear, dewy appearance.

Main Actives: Crystalide Peptide • Passion Flower Oil • Chamomile • Green Tea Leaf


BeautyLab® Absolute Lifting Eye Cream 15ml


Help to lift upper eyelids and keep eyes looking fresh with this potent yet lightweight, antioxidant-rich cream. It helps to tighten, brighten, and reduce pigment accumulation for a more even appearance. Moisture-replenishing and collagen-boosting, it helps to improve elasticity and smooths lines. The area is left hydrated and nourished, with a re-energised, wide-awake appearance.

Main Actives: Pink Silk Tree & Holy Herb • Grapeseed Extract • Yeast Extract • Vitamin E


BeautyLab® Anti-Pollution Radiance Day Cream 15ml

Ward against the damage of urban life with this intensely hydrating, protective cream. Delivering long-lasting defence from oxidative stress, it helps to support skin oxygenation, prevent cellular ageing and reduce pigmentation. Collagen and elastin production is boosted, as skin vitality and youthfulness is enhanced. The complexion is left soft and even with a ‘transparent’ crystal-clear appearance.

Main Actives: Peach Flower • Crystalide Peptide • Passion Flower Oil • Cocoa Extract • Rosemary

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Our digital gift card is a simple, time-saving way to give and the generosity is all up to you. Choose the amount you wish to give and the gift card can be emailed direct to a recipient on the date of your choosing. For use in our online shop only.

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Effortlessly eliminate impurities and makeup, even the waterproof kind, with this ultra-gentle yet super-effective cleansing water. Developed for sensitive skin, it combines radish root peptide and white willow bark that offer antimicrobial and calming benefits. L-Arginine boosts moisture and promotes firmness. The complexion is left beautifully fresh and hydrated, and feels soothed and comfortable.


  • Cleanses and refreshes
  • Provides antimicrobial benefits for optimum skin defence
  • Soothes and calms the skin
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Also perfect for use with home microneedling

Skin Suitability

  • Created for all skin, including sensitive skin; also ideal for home microneedling
  • Vegan-friendly


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Rediscover your skin’s smoothness, bounce and youthful capacity with this potent serum. Four kinds of hyaluronic acid target multiple skin layers to deliver a surge of thirst-quenching hydration, reduce water loss and provide 24-hour moisturisation. Deeply penetrating vitamin B5 stimulates cell regeneration, while L-Arginine supports the skin’s barrier function. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced, elasticity is improved from within and the complexion is left petal-soft, supple and plump.


  • Targets multiple skin layers and delivers deep, long-lasting hydration
  • Provides 24-hour moisturisation
  • Improves skin’s plumpness, smoothness, softness and suppleness
  • Supports the skin’s barrier function and helps to prevent moisture loss
  • Also perfect for use with home microneedling

Skin Suitability

  • Created for all skin, including sensitive skin; also ideal for home microneedling
  • Vegan-friendly


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Instantly relieve your tired, irritated and puffy looking eyes with this cooling gel, rich in botanical actives. Cucumber refreshes fatigue, delivers an astringent effect and helps to de-puff the skin, while aloe infuses softening moisture and helps to alleviate dryness and sensitivity. Chamomile comforts and helps to repair the skin, as rosemary offers a cell regenerative effect and smooths and tones. Anti-inflammatory seaweed – loaded with vitamins and minerals – offers superior hydration and soothes. The gel’s high antioxidant content nourishes the skin and boosts its protection against environmental aggressors. The delicate area is left calm and replenished, and takes on a brighter, wide-awake appearance.


  • Immediately calms fatigued, puffy or tired skin
  • Comforts sensitivity
  • Delivers replenishing hydration and combats dryness
  • Smooths, tones and helps to repair the skin
  • With anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits to protect and soothe the skin

Skin Suitability

  • Created for all skin; ideal for tired looking, puffy and irritated skin around the eyes
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