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Our digital gift card is a simple, time-saving way to give and the generosity is all up to you. Choose the amount you wish to give and the gift card can be emailed direct to a recipient on the date of your choosing. For use in our online shop only.

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Effortlessly eliminate impurities and makeup, even the waterproof kind, with this ultra-gentle yet super-effective cleansing water. Developed for sensitive skin, it combines radish root peptide and white willow bark that offer antimicrobial and calming benefits. L-Arginine boosts moisture and promotes firmness. The complexion is left beautifully fresh and hydrated, and feels soothed and comfortable.


  • Cleanses and refreshes
  • Provides antimicrobial benefits for optimum skin defence
  • Soothes and calms the skin
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Also perfect for use with home microneedling

Skin Suitability

  • Created for all skin, including sensitive skin; also ideal for home microneedling
  • Vegan-friendly


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Rediscover your skin’s smoothness, bounce and youthful capacity with this potent serum. Four kinds of hyaluronic acid target multiple skin layers to deliver a surge of thirst-quenching hydration, reduce water loss and provide 24-hour moisturisation. Deeply penetrating vitamin B5 stimulates cell regeneration, while L-Arginine supports the skin’s barrier function. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced, elasticity is improved from within and the complexion is left petal-soft, supple and plump.


  • Targets multiple skin layers and delivers deep, long-lasting hydration
  • Provides 24-hour moisturisation
  • Improves skin’s plumpness, smoothness, softness and suppleness
  • Supports the skin’s barrier function and helps to prevent moisture loss
  • Also perfect for use with home microneedling

Skin Suitability

  • Created for all skin, including sensitive skin; also ideal for home microneedling
  • Vegan-friendly


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Instantly relieve your tired, irritated and puffy looking eyes with this cooling gel, rich in botanical actives. Cucumber refreshes fatigue, delivers an astringent effect and helps to de-puff the skin, while aloe infuses softening moisture and helps to alleviate dryness and sensitivity. Chamomile comforts and helps to repair the skin, as rosemary offers a cell regenerative effect and smooths and tones. Anti-inflammatory seaweed – loaded with vitamins and minerals – offers superior hydration and soothes. The gel’s high antioxidant content nourishes the skin and boosts its protection against environmental aggressors. The delicate area is left calm and replenished, and takes on a brighter, wide-awake appearance.


  • Immediately calms fatigued, puffy or tired skin
  • Comforts sensitivity
  • Delivers replenishing hydration and combats dryness
  • Smooths, tones and helps to repair the skin
  • With anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits to protect and soothe the skin

Skin Suitability

  • Created for all skin; ideal for tired looking, puffy and irritated skin around the eyes
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Keep hands impeccably clean and safeguarded with this gel that not only sanitises with 70% premium-grade alcohol, but also helps to maintain the skin’s integrity. Non-sticky and non-drying, the gel’s performance is amplified with radish root peptide that delivers an exceptional antimicrobial action. Anti-inflammatory willow bark lends a calming effect and helps to keep skin healthy, while aloe soothes, hydrates and locks down precious moisture. The hands are left super-protected, refreshed and soft.

This product is vegan-friendly. Available in three sizes: 40ml, 200ml and 500ml. Componentry may vary from that pictured.


• Provides a sanitising and antimicrobial action
• Helps to maintain skin’s integrity
• Adds hydration to the skin
• Helps to calm and soothe
• Minimises the risk of irritation and cracked skin

Skin Suitability

Created for all skin, including sensitive skin; ideal for when out and about, or where water is not accessible.

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Level up your skincare routine with our Titanium Microneedle Roller 0.3mm. It enhances the delivery of active ingredients in BeautyLab skincare and maximises the benefit of the applied products, resulting in salon-worthy skin at home. Keep your routine going and your skin glowing in between professional treatments.

Sterilised using gamma irradiation.

Scroll down for directions.

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The ultimate jewel in the crown of any age-defying skincare routine, this dual-ended amethyst roller provides a calming effect, helps revitalise complexion, promotes circulation and reduces puffiness. It is handcrafted from natural amethyst crystal.

Main Benefits

• Promotes circulation
• Revitalising
• Calming


Use the massaging roller alone or with preferred BeautyLab serums, moisturisers or on top of a face mask to aid absorption, minimise the appearance of fine lines and brighten skin. Gently apply pressure working from the centre of the face, rolling upwards, outwards and downwards across the cheeks, chin and forehead.


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Delivering beautiful results every time, the BeautyLab® Black Diamond Glamour Gift Set contains a trio of our signature products that ingeniously combine exotic black diamonds, precious white diamonds and exclusive peptides, to reveal an enviably flawless, youthful and photo-ready complexion.

Ideal for all skin, including dry, dull or hyperpigmented skin; with fine lines and wrinkles.

BeautyLab Black Diamond® Intense Hydration Cellular Day Cream 15ml

Instantly hydrate and illuminate the skin with this glamourising day cream. The formula – infused with amber and nourishing actives – delivers impeccable moisturisation, supports collagen production, boosts elasticity and assists in smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Diamonds help to improve skin’s ability to reflect light, resulting in a youthful looking lustre. The complexion is left soft, supple and plump, and rewarded with a red-carpet-worthy radiance.

Main Actives: Diamonds • Amber • Cupuaçu Butter • Rosemary • Vitamin E

BeautyLab Black Diamond® Cellular Repair Night Cream 15ml

Deeply nourish and recharge the skin with this luxurious night-time moisturiser. Designed to support the nocturnal regenerative process, the peptide and vitamin-rich formula works to repair skin tissue, restore elasticity, support collagen production and minimise the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. Diamonds help to improve skin’s ability to reflect light, resulting in a youthful looking lustre. The morning complexion is soft, supple and rejuvenated, and rewarded with a flawless glow.

Main Actives: Diamonds • Ruby • Pentapeptide-11 • Hexapeptide-14 • Vitamins • Goji Berry

BeautyLab Black Diamond® Soft Focus Liquid Dust 15ml

Expect a flattering, soft-focus glow with this luxurious liquid dust made from the light-diffusing cores of thousands of white and rare black diamonds. When applied to skin, they give a soft-focus effect, filling out fine lines and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, shadows and uneven pigmentation. The complexion is left with a glamourous and youthful looking, photo-finish radiance.

Main Actives: Black Diamond • White Diamond • Polysilicone-11

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